Constituents of Digital Marketing

We have two Channels of Constituents of Digital Marketing are:-

  1. Search Engine
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Display Advertising
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Website
  8. Analytics


  1. Search Engine
    Search Engine refers to a giant database of internet resources such as web pages, programs, images, video, etc. It helps to locate information on World Wide Web (www). Users can search for any information in form of keywords. when you search then it provides information in their database and returns it to the user.

• The page of the search result overview is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
• Where we search in the box whatever we type information in words is known as Keywords.
• In the SERP, firstly it shows the Advertisement which is paid Campaign is known as search text Ads. And below these Ads, we have to come on Organic results which are the exact result of the search engine.
• On the side of the page, we have the option to do the Product Listing Ads which is a paid campaign.
• update, change, and improves in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Social Media
    Social Media is social interaction, social conversation with the peoples in social platform & create and share content (Information) or participate in social networking.
It is Trending nowadays & Effective

Importance of Social Media
 Most of the users are aware visited from Social Media Sites.
 Average of Internet users spend about 10+ hours per week on social media.

SMM = Conversational Marketing
 An automated conversation with your website visitors.
 Social Media Marketing (SMM) does not involve Direct Selling.
 Being active on Social Media is Socializing that is Getting Peoples into Conversation or interacted.
 Normally, today on Social Media user is connected to 100+ friends.

  1. Email Marketing
    Email Marketing is direct marketing where we send a commercial message or a document & information to anyone.

Why Email Marketing
• It is Flexible to use that is Awareness, Consideration, Interest & Loyalty.
• It is Cheaper also because we can send any type of message to anyone. There is no foundation.
• It is a Private secure message delivered. Easily measurable result & analysis of user activity.
• Easly Schedule emails based on emails such as calendar or any specific festival or any offering discount, you easily send in fixed date. Easy to use.

  1. Display Advertising
    Display Advertising is defined by running Banners Ads in a Graphic & Text way on different websites. For running banners Ads, you can easily Reach the Audience and visible to make Brand Building.

Advantages:- Earn Money help to make a big Brand by Display Advertising.

Display Targeting Options
We are advertisers, we want to reach an audience to Marketing. You follow many strategies are:-
• First work on Highly Volumed Keywords.
• Or Classified Categories to concentrate on Niche Marketing.
• Or Generate Run of Network.
• Or Targeting of Device users.
• Or Targeting GEO location where we can track easily.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting their company’s products. We promote to others and earn a little piece of the profit for each product that you sell.
Earn Money on commision based like in 10% at selling one product.


  1. Mobile Marketing
    Mobile Marketing has been used by a large number of users today for buying products, promote business, find locations, study online, etc. Mobile device users activate 24*7 a day. Actually, it is easy to use and now on lockdown day, the mobile device is more demanding & useful for users. Notice:- You can easily promote business by mobile in a digital way.
  2. Website
    Website is a collection of Web Pages served in a www (World Wide Web) using of web domain (Website Name) because without a domain name you can show your website or business on a web page.
    Websites can be used in various fashions like a personal website, the website for a company, a government website, an education website, etc.
    Traditional Bussiness moved on Digital platform.

Website is a Hub
We can reach out to peoples on your website from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, through social media and then generate leads. Website Hub help to reach consumer from the social network.

  1. Web Analytics
    Web Analytics is a Supporting Channel that, show devices, check page or clicks where the user has gone in your website. It is easy to trach users.

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